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Mayd is a high quality meal prep service designed to assist people in reaching their health and wellness goals by preparing and delivering delicious, nutritious, chef-prepared meals.


Mayd aims to address the challenges or obstacles faced by individuals who value good food but find it difficult to cook due to constraints with time, creativity or skills. Our focus is to provide you with the best balanced, bespoke and beautiful dishes to fuel your mind and body for your busy week ahead.


Mayd’s founder Cara May Murphy is incredibly passionate about food, nutrition and fitness and believes the food we consume has immense value in how we perform and feel on a day to day basis.


Freshly prepared meals delivered to your door

Customise and select the package most suited to you:

a. Half Board 

b. Main Meals

c. Full Board


Three Days worth of meals

prepared for you*

All information on nutrients, allergens, storage and preparation available online


Customise and select package Add ons such as Snacks
or Extra Protein Portions


Access to the chef for any changes or adaptations if required



Balance to Mayd means several things, balance of taste, portions, food sources, macro’s and micro’s, textures and more.


Mayd is about finding the right balance for you as everyone has different demands and needs for their body and mind.


A bespoke meal prep service that caters to your tastebuds.

Although we design the meal plan for you, we offer a variety of meals, that take into consideration your personal preferences and we will always do our best to tailor the meal plan to you where possible.


The appearance and presentation of our food at Mayd is crucial. The visual appeal sets the tone for enjoying and looking forward to our food.


Our main objective is that we want you to anticipate your meals, relish each dish and be excited to dig in.

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